Värkkääjäesittelyssä: Krisjanis Rijnieks


What is your name?

Krisjanis Rijnieks (Kris)

What kind of Making have you specialized into?

Software development in general. Creative coding to be more specific. Raspberry Pi. Digital fabrication sometimes.

What will you show/teach at Espoo Mini Maker Faire?

I will show ofxPiMapper – projection mapping software that runs on the Raspberry Pi. I think I will also do a small workshop on how to set it up and use for a simple projection mapping project.


Tell us about a project that you are proud of?

OfxPiMapper is it currently. I released it on GitHub more than a year ago and it has more than 60 stars by now. People use it, ask questions and suggest improvements. It is the most popular openFrameworks projection mapping add-on according to ofxaddons.com. It is also featured on projection-mapping.org tools section along applications that initially served as inspiration for the ofxPiMapper project.

What skills would you like to learn? And what is your dream project?

Currently? Rhetorics (smile). How to use the heavy metal CNC mill we have at the Fab Lab Berlin. I feel that I have learnt enough details (programming languages, electronics, etc.) and I feel that my own hands and time are not enough anymore. Project management, how to transfer ideas to other people – that is something I would like to know more of. Talking of dream projects I think there are two kinds – ones related to tinkering alone, others to solving bigger problems at a greater scale. A dream project of the former is simple – creating a custom knob and slider based VJ controller (it is hard to believe, there are a lot of fancy controllers on the market, but nothing that I find perfect for projects in my imagination). As for the greater problems – time machine will do. Something that could make people of different cultures hate each other less. Another personal one – to fly a MIG.


Photos: Irina

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