Meet a maker: Juan Duarte on making sounds



Who are you?

Juan Duarte Regino

What kind of Making have you specialized into?

Sound electronics, experimental instruments, ludic interfaces, interactive audiovisuals.

What kind of a workshop will you have at Espoo Mini Maker Faire?

I am interested to arrange a workshop to build a sound synthesiser controlled by light sources. It is especially suitable for an audience who is interested in a more experimental approach, whom want to learn some basics on electronic components used for sound, in a highly user customisable manner.

Tell us about a project that you are proud of?

Pulsar Kite: it’s a sound instruments controlled by a kite, it is also the topic of my thesis at the Media Lab in Aalto University. I’ve presented and developed Pulsar Kite during in a series of exhibitions and art residencies. In future I am planning to arrange a workshop on sonic kites.


What skills would you like to learn?

I would like learn more about how to use traditional analog electronics, that is to not depend totally on computers and produce low level sound and visual interactions. The use of rough electronics has a lot of potential in performative and installation arts. However mixing digital and analog has certainly an own charm of combining the best of two worlds.

What is your dream project?

Make a public installation with sound instruments I build, can be kites, or any other materials that people can interact with in a simple and fun way.

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